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WBL pipeline is a pipeline that is executed for white/black/access lists matching.

WBL pipeline can be used as a method to record metadata about messages in a web services application or MySQL database.


Connection with MPP core logic

The pipeline is executed at policy-rcpt and smtp-end-of-data stages. It extends MPP core logic right after old-style embeded WBL matching. Postprocessor translates engine results to WBL conditions. MPP core logic then takes appropriative embeded processing depending on conditions.

Processing logic

Normal processing logic described in overview is applicable for the pipeline. Because the pipeline is run at several stages there is a rule that engines that are not applicable at some stages will be just ignored at these stages. The following postprocessors are defined for the pipeline:

  • Result-to-condition translator translates engine results to WBL condition. No configuration is required for this postprocessor. It is only required that each engine in the pipeline returns a result with ID "result" and one of the following values: "none", "spam_whitelist", "blacklist", "acl_sender" or "acl_recipient". Values are mapped to corresponding WBL conditions: no match, spam whitelist, blacklist, ACL sender violation or ACL recipient violation. Postprocessor will take first not "none" value even if subsequent engines also return not "none".


Description: Defines engines sequence for the pipeline. If option is empty then pipeline is undefined and will not be executed.
Configuration type: MPP group-level option.
Value: Space- or comma-separated list of full engine ID's. Default is empty.
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