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DEBUG_DATA logging

Set <logging> to DEBUG_DATA to get logged as much data as possible.

SSL invalid argument

If you see the following in MPP log:

[07:30:40] 8 [02691ba0] [HttpQuery] Query method POST
[07:30:40] 8 [02691ba0] [HttpQuery] URI is generated:
[07:30:40] 8 [02691ba0] [HttpQuery] URI is parsed. Resolving host, port 443
[07:30:41] 8 [02691ba0] [HttpQuery] Using SSL encrypted connection
[07:30:41] 4 [02691ba0] [CPipelineGroup] [GoThroughJobs] Standard exception caught: Invalid argument

then it is very likely that something wrong with your SSL configurations for HTTP engine. Check if <load_verify_file> points to an existing CA file.

Log options

You may use <log> tags to put data that you need to MPP log during result calculations.

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