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PPXX0001 is a general-purpose Postfix Policy Server module that includes MySQL-based policy message tracking.


Connection with MPP core logic

Processing logic

Processing logic consists from the following elements:

  • Policy message tracking (i.e. saving of policy request/response data) to MySQL database.
Policy message tracking

Policy message tracking (i.e. saving of policy request/response data) to MySQL database is performed using track_policy_request table specified in PPXX0001.sql.

Table track_policy_request has the following fields:

state State of a request. Right after request is received the state is 'received'. After request is processed the state is updated to 'processed' and additional fields related to processing are updated.
received_timestamp Time when request was received.
request ... stress Different request properites as specified in SMTPD_POLICY_README. The only difference is that sender and recipient fields are split on local and reverse domain parts for searches optimization.
processed_timestamp Request processing finish time.
ch_wbl ... greylist MPP checks statuses.
error_text Error text in case of abnormal termination of processing.
decision, decision_text Decision that was made by MPP regarding request, human readable decision description text (if any).


It is assumed that Postfix Policy Server is configured and enabled. To enable PPXX0001 module add the following MPP options:

        <policy_begin_engines file="esm/PPXX0001.xml" xpath="/mppd/common/policy_begin_engines"/>
        <policy_end_engines file="esm/PPXX0001.xml" xpath="/mppd/common/policy_end_engines"/>
        <policy_end_exception_engines file="esm/PPXX0001.xml" xpath="/mppd/common/policy_end_exception_engines"/>
    <engines file="esm/PPXX0001.xml" xpath="/mppd/engines"/>
Description: Defines options for connections to a message tracking database.
Configuration type: MPP composite group-level option.
Value: Composite value that have exact same structure as MySQL engine's connection common option.
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