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Welcome to Email Stream Management (ESM) documentation site
What is ESM? ESM is a capability of Mailspect's MPP software that allows to define complex email processing logic on email server's side.
What is the purpose of ESM? ESM integrates email server with other software systems for the sake of integration of email communication with business process management systems.
What is the benefit of ESM? ESM is a conjuction of simple yet powerful higher-level configuration language with a number of precompiled components each implementing useful lower-level functionality.
Core Concepts
  • Overview provides a glance view of entire functionality and doesn't go deep into details.
  • Template is used to parametrize processing logic with different runtime values (email and system properites, engine results, etc.). It is a macro expression that is evaluated to a string at each request processing transaction.
  • Condition is used to define conditional processing logic. Like template it is a macro expression but it is evaluated to a boolean (true/false).
  • More...
  • PPXX0001 is a general-purpose Postfix Policy Server module that includes MySQL-based message tracking.
  • More...
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