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  • Overview provides a glance view of entire functionality and doesn't go deep into details.
  • Template is used to parametrize processing logic with different runtime values (email and system properites, engine results, etc.). It is a macro expression that is evaluated to a string at each request processing transaction.
  • Condition is used to define conditional processing logic. Like template it is a macro expression but it is evaluated to a boolean (true/false).
  • Engine is a building block of processing logic. It is an abstraction of a precompiled component that implements useful lower-level functionality.
  • Pipeline brings engines alive. Its main part is a sequence of engines that are executed in turns one after another.
  • Dimension is the notion intoduced to describe multiplicity of some runtime properties such as recipients, body parts, etc. Multiplicity is handled using "implicit iteration" concept.
  • Stage is a communication protocol processing stage. Some macros, engines and pipelines may be not applicable at some stages.
  • Troubleshooting tips and tools help to troubleshoot pipeline execution.
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